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Built in 1947 as the Rustic Inn, it was a large restaurant, bar and dance hall (the picture to the right is of the original liquor license).  It was known to have the likes of Frank Sinatra stop by for evenings out.  After a devastating fire in the mid ’60’s, it was rebuilt in 1969 to its present, cozy size and renamed the Rustic Cafe.  It had a brief stint as the wine bar the Fiddleleaf Inn, but was brought back to its roots in 2007.  Now eccentric locals and summer tourists alike enjoy the freshest seafood, tastiest ribs and renowned hamburgers paired with delicious beer and cocktails in an open wood-beam atmosphere under the original iconic sign.


The Rustic Cafe Community Guitars hang in the corner not as wall art but to incite spontaneous singing and joy. So come on in every Friday & Saturday after 9pm and bring your pickin’ & singing skills and let’s have some fun!  All musicians are welcome.